Colors for Classic Concrete and NuCrete™ Concrete

For accurate color, call Sonoma Cast Stone, and order Classic Concrete or NuCrete™ Concrete swatches. Online colors will vary from one computer display to another, from one web browser to another, etc....

Standard Colors for Stain-Free NuCrete™ Concrete

Also See Hi-Res Swatches

About NuCrete™ Concrete

Everything Sonoma Cast Stone makes is made of EarthCrete™ sustainable concrete, and EarthCrete™, with our NuCrete™ finish, resists common stains. NuCrete™ is embedded into the concrete surface and never has to be resealed. With minimal care, a NuCrete™ surface will remain stain-free and like new for years to come.

If You Want Your Fixtures to be Stain-Free

Sustainable and UN-Stainable NuCrete™

Guaranteed Against Structural Cracking

Everything That Granite Wants To Be

Standard Colors for Classic Concrete

Also See Hi-Res Swatches

About Classic Concrete

If You Like a Growing Patina of Wear

Everything Sonoma Cast Stone makes is made of EarthCrete™ sustainable concrete. As with NuCrete™, Classic Concrete surfaces come diamond-sanded and hand-polished then treated with a high-quality wax that is approved for food surfaces. Contrary to NuCrete™, Classic Concrete fixtures will stain and show age. If this appeals, then your fixtures will increase in value, like a favorite pair of jeans.

This Surface Will Show Wear

Guaranteed Against Structural Cracking

Cultivates a Growing Patina of Age



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