Custom Concrete Countertops

Custom Concrete Countertops

The Best Concrete, The Best Countertops...

Everything Sonoma Cast Stone makes is made of EarthCrete™ sustainable concrete, and EarthCrete™, with our NuCrete™ finish, resists common stains. NuCrete™ is embedded into the concrete surface and never has to be resealed. With minimal care, a NuCrete™ surface will remain stain-free and like new for years to come.

Guaranteed Against Structural Cracking

Sustainable and UN-Stainable NuCrete™

Choice of Designer and Natural Colors

Sonoma Cast Stone spent years developing the first stain-free concrete and then spent more years developing EarthCrete™. Now we have what we believe is simply the best concrete on the market. EarthCrete™ Concrete is not just the most sustainable form of concrete, it's harder, stronger and more colorful than any other concrete you will find. That is why Sonoma Cast Stone has become renowned for concrete countertops and sinks.  You've made the right choice with concrete and a better choice with Sonoma Cast Stone.

While you're here, explore the possibilities with MetalCrete™, concrete with genuine soft-metal finishes like nickel and copper.


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