Genuine MetalCrete® in The Home


Real, Soft-Metal Finishes on Solid Concrete

The Charm of an Old, Irish Pub

Among Sonoma Cast Stone innovations, MetalCrete® is uniquely exciting. MetalCrete® is a fundamentally new surface material that brings together the compelling qualities of contemporary concrete and the metals that everyone loves.

Metals that have been broken down into powders are used in many manufacturing techniques in order to produce metal parts. Sonoma Cast Stone developed a process for permanently embedding those metallic powders onto solid concrete.

Choice of Genuine Metal Finish

Solid Cast Concrete Underneath

Apply to Countertops, Sinks or Tubs

Will Stain and Scratch and Show Wear

Blemishes Accumulate into a Patina

The result is stunning. Solid concrete architectural features like sinks and countertops, fireplace surrounds, and cladding are now available with genuine Copper, Iron, Bronze, and Pewter finishes. The MetalCrete® process allows for an entire fixture to be covered by the metal finish or for metal accents to be strategically applied. Even our concrete soaking tubs can have a MetalCrete® surface on the exterior.

All MetalCrete® fixtures have the same timeless quality as concrete and offer the same creative possibilities. The surface does not ring hollow, because this is not not mold metal; it is solid, pre-cast concrete. You can feel it.

Unlike sealed concrete or our stain-free NuCrete® concrete, MetalCrete® is a living finish that will wear its age proudly. A typical MetalCrete® countertop will begin with a clear, polished look, but these are genuine soft metals. As such, they will scuff and scratch. Less so with wall cladding, but expect your MetalCrete® sinks and countertops to gradually take-on the worn and weathered character of an old-world country tavern or perhaps an antique painting.

MetalCrete® is not for everyone or every purpose, but if you enjoy a genuine, soft-metal finish that displays an ever-evolving patina of wear, you will love MetalCrete®. The appearance will be truly unique to your fixture.

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