Term and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Sale

Receipt Of Purchase Order, Subcontract, Or Signed Estimate Acknowledges Review And Acceptance


Each piece made by Sonoma Cast Stone is unique. Samples submitted are typical of texture, color and finish; should not be considered exact representations of the finished custom piece. Hairline cracks are traditional characteristics of cast stone. As concrete ages, color may naturally lighten or darken according to storage conditions, such as humidity, temperature and exposure to sunlight. All items are identified with the manufacturer’s name and/or logo. Countertops and panels may not be perfectly flat after curing. In a relaxed state, variation may be as much as 3/8” out of plane, over 8’ of length. Oversized pieces will be at customers own risk for warping. As with natural stone and synthetic/ composite materials, installers use known methods to straighten, hold and bond counters to plane. Please consult size limitations and installation expectations with Sonoma Cast Stone.


Sonoma Cast Stone will template jobs we have been contracted to install and are only responsible for templates made by us. Site modifications made after shop drawing approval are no longer the responsibility of Sonoma Cast Stone and may require new templates/production at additional cost. Scope modifications made after templating could also result in new templates at additional cost. Sonoma Cast Stone will be responsible to within ¼” on all templates made or received. Delivery/Install appts will be given upon receipt of final payment & signed paperwork.

Unless otherwise noted, all orders for manufactured goods are priced FOF (freight on floor) at Sonoma Cast Stone’s factory. Costs of crating, transportation, off-loading equipment, installation and installation materials are itemized additions. Freight costs are subject to constant change. Any freight charges shown are estimates only and can be adjusted upon shipping. Estimates are valid for a period of 30 days. The company will make every reasonable effort to meet schedules. Material delays, labor delays, or Acts of God are not subject to late or consequential damage charges.


Estimates are based upon Sonoma Cast Stone maintaining a reasonable amount of insurance and upon a normal amount of contractual paperwork. Additional insurance and/or abnormal contractual compliance that is required by the owner or general contractor may be subject to additional charges. Indemnity claims against Sonoma Cast Stone will be limited to the material supplied and our installation. Our insurance ceases upon completion of our installation/delivery or release to a shipping company/customer.

Freight coverage is insured through a shipping agent. The purchaser is responsible for inspection of the material immediately upon receipt. Any freight damage must be brought to the attention of Sonoma Cast Stone immediately, and with shipper, at time of delivery.


50% non-refundable deposit required. Final payments for the product and installation are due prior to shipping/install. Material held longer than 30 days is subject to a weekly storage fee of 2.5% of product cost. Sonoma Cast Stone will make every effort to safeguard material in storage but will not be responsible for damage caused by weather or other conditions outside of the company’s control.


Any tooling, engineering, or mold making, in support or execution of an order remains the property of Sonoma Cast Stone.


Some custom work requires structural support. Sonoma Cast Stone will advise, but not be held responsible for structural engineering. Quantities and details of manufactured items are listed on this Estimate and is the responsibility of purchaser to confirm scope. This agreement represents the terms and conditions for this and any additional order by signing party.