Estimate Requests

Please allow up to 72 hrs for complex projects.

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Price Range

Based on typical applications, per individual orders. Shipping and/or installation costs are not included in the cost ranges given below. Large scale projects may have individual price structures of their own - please contact us directly.

  • Countertops: $120 - $150 +/- per square-foot.

  • Soaking Tubs: $8500 - $14,000 +/- 

  • Restroom Sinks and FarmSinks: $3,000 - $4,000 +/- 

  • Fireplace surrounds: average $4,000 - $8,000 +/- (can vary significantly)


Our Surfaces

NuCrete® is embedded into the concrete surface and never has to be resealed. With minimal care, a NuCrete® surface will remain stain-free and like new for years to come. Classic Concrete, MetalCrete®, Mold-Release and other finishes, will show wear.

  • Sinks and Countertops are standard in (NuCrete), guaranteed not to stain (5yrs) or crack (10yrs).

  • Soaking Tubs and other products are standard in (Classic Concrete) and guaranteed not to crack (10yrs).

  • (MetalCrete) is an optional metallic finish (copper, bronze, pewter, or iron) not available on the interior of soaking tubs.


All fireplace and hood or other surrounds are custom-made and no two fireplaces are the same. Please let us know what kind of 'style' you are interested in and provide an overall drawing and/or floor plan with elevations of your particulars.

Formal Estimates

As all pieces are custom, Please help us understand all of your details and surroundings, in order to give you the most accurate price. FAX your drawing to: (707) 283-1899 Or EMAIL your drawing to:

ALSO, please complete and submit the form below: